Rehydrating Neroli Water

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Kerstin Florian's iconic aromatherapy water infused with the essence of Bitter Orange Blossom uplifts, freshens and soothes skin, body and senses.


Floral water from the essence of Bitter Orange Blossom refreshes, oxygenates and hydrates skin as its iconic aroma delights the spirit.

How To Use

Mist onto face and body after cleansing. Use anytime to refresh, hydrate, tone or set makeup. Ideal to refresh during travel. Gently cleanse skin with Rehydrating Neroli Cleansing Milk for effective cleansing that maintains moisture balance. Try Rehydrating Neroil Oil for Bitter Orange Blossom aromatherapy in a deeply nourishing facial oil.

Star Ingredients

Bitter Orange Flower Water